An Example of the Power of Intuitive Therapy – Ian Wallace


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Wallace I & Wilson J (2017). An Example of the Power of Intuitive Therapy. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 19/09/2017].

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Using all of self in the therapeutic encounter is something we all do but some are not aware of how important this reflective process is. If we use the senses of seeing and hearing, then our interventions will possibly be engaging and helpful to the Clients' process. If we use our other three senses then that will increase ten fold the connection and the interventions. Imagine if you could tap into the other information streams in the room, taste, touch, and smell, how that might increase the connection with the Client.

This might sound far fetched, but in reality, its something we all do but have learnt that we don't necessarily need them these days. Animals smell fear in us and so can you, imagine being aware of what fear smells like, so that when you come to a point in the work with the Client you could know if the next step would be a giant leap for them by smelling their fear. Then you could slow the pace of the work helping the Client to slowly open up and feel comfortable and safe in doing so. This is what I call and Intuitive transference encounter.

In this fascinating hour, I shared all these thoughts and more with you in helping you to understand the wider world we share but often don't see.

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Ian Wallace

Ian has over 8500 hours of face to face work with clients and he is an accomplished presenter, teacher, and trainer. He uses his knowledge and experience to present his training courses, bringing to life the subjects he teaches using case presentations and real life experiences to put theory and practice learning in an easy and simple way.


I run a truly free resource website,, which is updated monthly with new ways to help people to understand the human dynamic. It gives people an understanding of the work I do, the awareness I gain through my work, and the tools and interventions that I use in my work with Clients.

I also have a website,, which explores the intuitive therapeutic interventions that all of us have but mostly are not aware of. This awareness helps us to use transference and counter transference within a therapeutic encounter. Building trust and working alliances easier and more connected.

I also have a counselling and therapy practice which offers therapeutic and mental health interventions from myself and other professionals in Wakefield details which can be found at


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