Autism Is Not A Mental Health Issue – Jack Welch


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Welch J & Wilson J (2017). Autism Is Not A Mental Health Issue. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 03/04/2017].

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This presentation is led by Jack Welch, an autistic advocate who has worked with a variety of disabled people's organisations to campaign on the rights and challenges that disabled people face in society. He will be talking about how we need to better understand the fundamental differences between autism and mental health, and why is vital that the problem of developing an illness in a mental manifestation needs to be taken seriously.


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About Jack Welch


Jack Welch

Jack is a 23 year old voluntary sector professional who lives in Weymouth, Dorset. Over the past seven years, he has worked with a variety of charitable organisations from a local setting to an international level. Some of these include Scope, Mencap and Ambitious about Autism. He believes passionately in the importance of young people having their voices heard and for those with power/influence to act on what has been said according to their wishes. He also feels it is vital that the perception of autism needs to change further to help build a more inclusive society.

His interests include reading, blogging, travelling and listening to audio-books!


Twitter: @MrJW18