Alison Moore

I'm a therapist, supervisor, and experienced business mentor. I bring a blend of person-centred perspectives to (what can be) a cold and difficult environment.

Running a business needs a particular mindset – the same way being a therapist does. I'm intrigued by how we blend our mindsets as therapists in business.

I understand that a Therapy Business needs to consider the client relationship across everything we do – probably not like any other business . . .

Having taught hundreds of Counselling students and mentored dozens of businesses - I use this experience to support and encourage therapists in private practice.

With more than 20 years' experience of running successful businesses, I have made and seen many mistakes. I hope I help others to not to . . . . . . .

After training as a therapist and realising I couldn't find employment as a counsellor, and wanting to help people in pain, I decided to start my private practice over 10 years ago. And I'm passionate about supporting colleagues who want to help others too.