Beating Addiction – Chris Hill and Olivia Djouadi


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Djouadi O, Hill C, & Wilson J (2017). Beating Addiction. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 19/09/2017].

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Addiction and a newer way people can recover. Chris spoke about his experience of helping others to find a way out of addictions. Some people have multiple addictions and others have one they need help to give up. Chris's plan explained this and he spoke of those who have successfully become addiction free.

Olivia Djouadi works as a counsellor and emotional support person in the work Chris Hill does with his group that he runs twice a week near London. He is presently working on an online version which will soon be out so those further afield can use his programme and find freedom from emotions. As the addictions are tackled, some emotional upheaval can occur which Olivia can assist with in person or online.

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About Chris Hill


Chris Hill

Chris Hill is award winning, best-selling author of: Get Your Life Back: The Road to Freedom from Addiction.

He is an addiction expert who helps people overcome all types of addiction such as addiction to nicotine, alcohol, drugs, etc., as well as addictive activities such as gambling and over-eating. His programme is also being used for mental health and wellbeing, i.e. to manage or eradicate compulsive behaviours, phobias, anxiety, stress, and other fear-based conditions.

He is also a campaigner for a better understanding of the truth about refined sugar and teaches overcoming sugar addiction. He works in a holistic way with people who have eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia nervosa; and has had success with managing these conditions.

Chris had his own battles with addiction spanning 20 years of his life. He first became addicted to nicotine at the age of seven, progressing to alcohol and drugs later in life. He attended dozens of recovery programmes and used dozens of systems to no avail. He then educated himself around how addictive substances affect the subconscious mind and body and developed a method to reverse addiction and return the individual to their pre-addicted mind. He has been free of all addictions for just over ten years.

Following the loss of his twin brother to alcohol and drugs in 2014, Chris has made it his life mission to share the knowledge that helped him permanently escape from addiction; with as wide an audience as possible.

Chris was awarded the BSVC Award for Services to Health & Wellbeing 2017. He is working alongside the addiction service Nexus, and has just completed training with the NHS to support patients suffering from addiction as well as mental health issues. MIND have now incorporated his workshop into their service delivery. Chris works with a number of homeless charities delivery addiction workshops; and offers both a drop-in service and intensive programme for his own clients.

His book has sold over 4000 copies worldwide since its publication in September 2016 and the feedback has been incredible with people contacting him from around the world to thank him for changing their lives.

On 1st August 2017, Chris was invited to present his 7-Day Beat Addiction Plan to the research team of Dr Nora Volkow, The Director of NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) at the World Health Institute, Washington DC and is in talks with Dr. Ethan Kross from Michigan University to look at the effectiveness of 'Self-talk' when applied to addiction.

Chris is working with author and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. James Manning on a publication that aligns his teaching with a CBT model for addiction recovery.

He is also collaborating with Dr. Rachel V. Gow, Nutritional Neuroscientist and ADHD world expert; to publish a paper incorporating effects of sugar.


Get Your Life Back: The Road to Freedom from Addiction – Chris Hill (September, 2016)

Video: Life with Purpose
Website: Beat My Addictions
Facebook Page: Chris Hill - Beat My Addictions

Twitter: @beatmyaddiction
Facebook: Chris Hill


About Olivia Djouadi


Olivia Djouadi

I work online with adults as an integrative UKCP psychotherapist and counsellor. My focus is on chronic illness, trauma, and dissociation; I have also been a type 1 diabetic since 1973 and also educate on behalf of DiabetesUK.

I trained at Birkbeck, CAPP (The John Bowlby Centre), Online Training Ltd, and Regents University London. I have also taken courses in trauma and dissociative disorders with experts in the field within the UK. I continue to update my knowledge yearly with both experiential and academic courses. I also learn from the experience of life.

Over the years, I have worked online as a support person to those with special needs and also with dissociative disorders. In the past, I volunteered with refugees and those who found themselves homeless in London. I am knowledgeable about short term and long term disabilities.

I have also taken courses in trauma, psychopathology, integrative therapy, online counseling, and humanistic therapy. I continuously update my knowledge on a yearly basis, so I can be helpful to those I assist.

I also spoke at the OCTIA Conference about Online counselling and: Whats an unseen disability & possible ethical concerns? I also wrote a chapter called Using creativity in online supervision and chronic illness, for Anne Stokes book Online Supervision.


Website: Olivia Djouadi UKCP Trauma and Stress Expert
Twitter: @OliviaDjouadi
Facebook Page: Online counselling and supervision with Olivia

Ch. 14 - Using creativity in online supervision and chronic illness (OLIVIA DJOUADI)
from the book: "Online Supervision – Anne Stokes" - (May 2018)