About Us

Onlinevents Library is an online learning platform to help practitioners top up CPD from the comfort of home.  We have a wide range of CPD topics and modalities in video format.  Learn at your own pace, download CPD certificates and log your learning electronically.  Yes, all from the comfort of your favourite armchair!

During our live interactive events and well supported library John & Sandra are passionate about creating more than just a classroom, but a warm friendly environment making everyone feel included and cared for.

Technology can be scary sometimes, however, we have created our Live Events (one click attendance) and our online library in a way that makes it easy even when technology is not your favourite thing.

Sandra also provides Social Media support. via Get Social With Saz


Our vision is to be recognised as an excellent online learning resource with ripple effects of growth amongst practitioners, clients, families and larger communities.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide affordable CPD for practitioners who are looking to top up their CPD hours and learn about a variety of topics.  We do this because we understand the cost of travel and accommodation make attending CPD difficult at times.  So part of our mission is to help practitioners save money and enjoy the connection with authors, workshop facilitators and other colleagues.

We have already heard about the changes clients have been able to make after practitioners have put into practice learning found in our library.  Our mission is to be able to affect EVEN MORE clients and practitioners alike in their growth and survival of whatever situation they find themselves in.





John Sandra
John Sandra
Interviewer and Technology Operative Group Facilitator and Social Media Strategist
Catherine Andrea
Catherine Andrea
Administrative Support Customer Service
Rupesh Ellen
Rupesh Ellen
Graphic Designer Website Development