A Relational Approach to Dyslexia – Janette Cameron

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Cameron J (2014). A Relational Approach to Dyslexia. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.onlinevents.co.uk/a-relational-approach-to-dyslexia-janette-cameron/. [Last Accessed 29/03/2014].



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In this presentation Janette will describe the challenges of having a child in the education system who has dyslexia and her struggle to get the needed resources and understanding. Janette will describe the relational approach that she has developed in this experience and how vital it has been in this journey. She will also describe how this journey has impacted her working life and how her passion has led into campaigning to raise awareness of Dyslexia.


About Janette Cameron


Janette CameronJanette has a son who has dyslexia. She has supported him throughout the Early Years and Primary education system and he is now in secondary education.

Janette is the current Chair of Dyslexia Scotland West Lothian Branch and contributes to the development of nation wide projects.

Janette is employed in a customer facing role in a national organisation and is contributing to raising awareness of Dyslexia.


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