Course: How to Uncover the Healing Power of Self Compassion – Maureen Cooper

21 September -  26 October 2021


WEEK 1 Suffering and How We Respond - Tuesday 21 September 2021

WEEK 2 How the Inner Critic Gets in the Way - Tuesday 28 September 2021

WEEK 3 How Self-Compassion Works - Tuesday 05 October 2021

WEEK 4 Hesitations Around Self-Compassion - Tuesday 12 October 2021

WEEK 5 Fierce Self-Compassion - Tuesday 19 October 2021

WEEK 6 Meeting Our Needs - Tuesday 26 October 2021

The benefits of self-compassion are now quite widely talked about but many people still struggle to apply it effectively in their lives. Hampered by misunderstandings of how to actually practice self-compassion, some of us struggle with feelings of unworthiness and a mistrust of the parts of ourselves that we don’t feel comfortable with. At the other extreme, there are those that assume the trappings of self-compassion while avoiding the deep work that will make it a creative force in their lives.

In this 6-week online course we will explore the reasons why self-compassion can be challenging and look deeply into the misconceptions that can arise as a result. We will examine the opportunities that self-compassion offers for deep healing for each of us, while recognising the benefits this has for our relationships with others. We will learn a series of practices that can be integrated into our everyday schedule as a means of owning self-compassion. There will be references to Kirsten Neff’s new book, Fierce Self-Compassion and the new insights coming from that.

The course is limited to 20 participants to enable each person to contribute fully and work with their own individual self-compassion journey. People will be requested to have their cameras and microphones on and participate in break-out rooms, so that we can all learn from each other and provide sharing and support among the group. If this is not possible for you this time, then there many be further opportunities when the course is repeated.

There will be a workbook for the course, with a new section coming for each session. The course sessions will be recorded and participants will be able to access these after the course.


Maureen is the founding director of Awareness in Action, an organization dedicated supporting people to make sustainable wellbeing part of their lives—through developing clarity, connection and openness.

Drawing on more than thirty years of experience as a professional educator, senior manager in a non-profit organization, an entrepreneur and as an experienced practitioner of Buddhist meditation, she leads Awareness in Action workshops and training programs in the UK and Europe.

Her new book, The Stress Workbook is a groundbreaking effort that brings together the best of modern science and the wisdom of the world’s ancient contemplative traditions into a practical manual for thriving in today’s fast-paced world. Although born in London, UK love took Maureen to Amsterdam, The Netherlands where she lives with her husband.